I can’t wait to share this album with you. Everyone involved is working so hard to get it right. And it feels SO. GOOD!! (James Brown voice) It’s been an amazing process, different from my experiences in the past. I honestly feel more confident than ever in the music we’ve been making and my team/ our vision. Sometimes I just randomly scream with excitement! 🙀🙀🙀🙀 THANK YOU for believing in me. For defending and supporting me, spreading the word about my journey, and giving me endless inspiration and encouragement. Thinking about it makes me emotional. To truly digest how far we’ve come and how it’s just the beginning. Music is the love of my life. And I plan on riding out with her til’ I die. 💋 From the bottom to the top of my heart, thank you for being you. Cuz you’re fuckin awesome. <emo door: closed> for now. ;)

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JoJo performing at American University 

"If you ever feel so passionate about something, DON’T EVER STOP!"
- JoJo
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You know it’s serious when ur still up at 5am working. @jojoistheway this song is sounding epic I tell…” - Harmony Samuel

New single?? Are you ready?


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kenziebeatdown asked: will there be new music soon?

yeah, i really hope so!

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