JoJo: “André” [x]

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JoJo’s Cruisin @ SXSW 2014 

Anonymous asked: What do you think jojo's new album is going to sound like? and what do you want it to sound like? I hope it sounds like a mixture between Agape and #LoveJo haha love your blog btw! :)


I’ve learned that you can’t really predict things when it comes to Jo. She will write what she feels in that moment. Her sound is always going to change and diversify, it’s who she is. From her first album to now, it’s completely different. Disaster & Demonstrate are completely different so yeah she’s unpredictable and it’s what i love about her. I have no clue what it’s going to sound like but personally i would love to hear some ballads because her vocals are just amazing and i would love to hear some r&b and idk at the end of the day i just want her to come out with something that’s gonna make her happy and proud because that’s what’ll make me love it. And thank you!

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